The Blackboard Manual

Blackboard TEL Guides

Welcome to the Guide to using Blackboard

These manual pages provide help and information for setting up and using Blackboard. Included in each section are explanations of how to set up and use Blackboard tools, edit and manage course menus and add course content.

Each topic contains information about a specific feature as well as directions on how to change course settings and deploy the more complex tools. You will also find video walkthroughs to guide you through each process.

For optimal performance, we recommend using either the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, which you can download and install for free. Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari browsers are NOT recommended!

Each page contains one or more of the following icons:


Read - view information on the topic

Change a setting

Change a setting - turn a feature on or off

Set up a tool

Set up a tool - follow step by step instructions

The Blackboard Interface

The demo below will help orient you around the standard Blackboard interface. Click on each purple hotspot to see what each element on the page is used for.

The options button

The Options menu

The Options menu is the most common and most powerful control in the Blackboard interface. It is activated whenever you hover your mouse over any editable content in a Blackboard course or organisation. Clicking on the Options menu allows you to

  • Edit the course navigation menu
  • Edit content
  • Show and hide content and tools
  • Set up statistics tracking
  • Delete any material or any tool in a course or organisation
Change a setting

If you are viewing Blackboard on a small or low resolution screen, you may find that the course navigation menu automatically collapses so that you can better see the course content. If this happens, and you can no longer see the course menu, hover your mouse to the left of the screen until the Show Course Menu control appears. Click the arrow to restore the full menu: