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Blackboard assignments can be used for group assignments or where a single assessment requires large or multiple files to be submitted. In most cases where an essay or report forms the assessment, Turnitin should be used.

The Blackboard Assignments tool allows students to upload documents to the system, which can then be marked online. Additional features of the Assignments tool include:

  • The ability to add assignment feedback via typed text, a rubric, or a file
  • Anonymous marking
  • Delegated Grading
Set up a tool

Setting up an Assignment

The built in Blackboard course template contains an Assessment page which you can use to add your assignments to.

  1. Navigate to the Assessment page
  2. Click on the Assessments button Assessments button
  3. Choose AssignmentChoose the Assignment option
  4. In the Name and Color field, enter a title for the assignment Assignment name
  5. Add Instructions to provide additional information to the students Assignment instructions
  6. Set the Due Date and time if required Assignment due dates
  7. In the Grading section enter how many points will be available in the Points Possible field for marking (the standard UW grading schema uses 19 points) Assignment points possible
  8. Select the rubric if you are using oneAssignment rubric
  9. Once selected, set the Show Rubric to Students option to Yes (With Rubric Scores): Rubric settings
  10. In Submission Details choose whether this will be a group or individual submission. Set the number of attempts to at least 2 multiple attempts. After the due date, new attempts will be marked as late Maximum submissions allowed
  11. In Grading Options, select Enable Anonymous Grading if required. Then choose when anonymity will be disabled - either on a specific date, or when all submissions have been graded Anonymous grading option
  12. In Display of Grades, make sure the Primary field is set to use the UW Grading Schema 0-19 points if this is a summative assignment. Ensure that both Include in Grade Center grading calculations and Show to students in My Grades are left unticked:Use UW grading schema
  13. In Availability, tick the Make the Assignment Available to enable students to view and submit their work. Limiting availability by date is not recommended. Click Submit to save all settings Assignment availability

Advice for using assignments

If students have not used this tool before, it is a good idea to provide at least one formative assignment so that students can run through the whole process before any summative assessment. This provides the opportunity to troubleshoot any issues that may occur, and build confidence in using the system.

Advise students to check the submission receipt that is automatically emailed to them as proof of submission. If the file size is listed as 0kb, this means that an empty file has been submitted. If this occurs, an additional submission must be made. A further way to check if a submission has been successful is for the student to return to the assessment by clicking on the assignment link. This will show the full online version of the file that has been submitted. If students only see a blank page, the upload was not complete and the assessment must be resubmitted.