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Virtual Classroom

As part of the default course template, the Collaborate Virtual Classroom is automatically available for every course, ready for you to use. The classroom can be used for:

  • Online lectures where students can view and participate
  • Recording lectures and making these available to students
  • Online seminars for small groups or individual students

* For the best experience, the Google Chrome browser is recommended

Set up a tool

Accessing the built in room

Access the room

  1. Unhide the Virtual Classroom page
  2. Click on the Virtual Classroom page
  3. Click on the door icon: Enter the default classroom
  4. Click the black Join Course Room button: Join the room

This will open the Collaborate virtual classroom in a new page.

Setting up and recording the session

Once you have entered the room, you can activate your microphone and webcam using the two middle buttons at the bottom of the screen:

Activate microphone and camera

Once activated, the microphone icon will change to have a green outline, and the video camera icon will turn blue:

Microphone and camera switched on

To record the session, click the Sessions Menu in the top left:

Sessions menu

choose the Start Recording option

Start recording

Return to this menu and choose Stop Recording at the end of your teaching session. The recording will then be processed and the full video will be made available to students.

Using the virtual classroom Tools

View the classroom tools

To activate the content controls, click the Collaborate Panel button at the bottom right of the screen to access the virtual classroom tools

Open the tools menu

Click the Share Content button:

Share content

This allows you to use the following tools:

  • Share a whiteboard (which you and your students can write on)Use the whiteboard
  • Share an application - let students view you using a program on your computer (you may need to log a ticket with ICT to request installation of the Desktop Sharing extension for UW computers)Screen sharing
  • Share files - upload a file such as a PowerPoint presentation, and share the slides with your students Share a file or presentation

    To do this, drag your file to the Add Files box:

    Add files

    Then click Share Now:

    Share the file

    Click the Stop: icon to stop sharing

    Stop sharing
  • Run a live poll (desktop computers only - not compatible with the mobile app)Set up a poll
  • Activate breakout groupsUse breakout rooms

Leaving the session

Click the Sessions menu again, and choose Leave Session:

End the session