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Requesting Access to Blackboard Course Areas

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Staff can now add themselves as Instructors to Blackboard course areas. This means that you no longer have to contact a support team to do this for you.


Once the process is completed, you will automatically be granted access to the current course, as well as access to new versions of your courses when they are rolled over each year.

To enrol yourself in a new Blackboard course area:


1.  navigate to the University of Worcester home page, and click on the Staff tab


2. Log in to the staff page using your usual university username and password


3.  Under the Your Online Services column in the middle of the page, click on the Blackboard Access 2018/19 link.


This will take you to an online request form which you can fill in for each Blackboard course area you require.


4. Fill in the online form for each Blackboard course area you need to enrol in as an instructor. The module code MUST be entered in upper case, and is usually 8 characters long (eg. BUSM1136).  You will also need to enter the name of the module leader, and tick the box confirming that you have permission to add yourself.


5. Click Continue.


If the module code you have entered is not recognised it may be due to one of the following:


  • The module code was not entered in UPPER CASE
  • You are trying to enrol on an Organisation rather than a Course
  • The module is not running at all, or has changed module code (in this case contact Registry for further details)


6. If the course you have selected is also running at a a partner institution at other locations, or has multiple occurrences, you will need to select only the version you need.


7. Finally, choose Confirm to submit the form.


You will then be redirected back to the start page so that you can request access for further courses. If you do not require access to any additional Blackboard course areas you can now close the tab.


Please be aware that it can take up to 24 hours to process the enrolment request. If you still do not have access after this time, please contact the LTTU team at for further guidance.