The Turnitin Workflow

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Finding Submitted Assignments

Submitted Turnitin submissions, together with the associated originality report appear in the Assignment Inbox for each assessment.

To access a submitted Turnitin paper, navigate to where the assignment link has been set up, and click on the link.

Turniitn assignment link

This will open the assignment on the Assignment Inbox page, and list all submitted work.

Turnitin assignment inbox

From here, for each submission you can:

  • View the submitted paper for grading and feedback by clicking on the Paper Title, the Grade or the Similarity links
  • Access the submission to assign a grade
  • View the originality report
  • Download the original file that was submitted
  • Download the annotated and graded version of the submission with originality report information included
  • See if the student has viewed feedback and grades
  • Remove a submission

* As Turnitin is a 3rd party tool, tutors are not automatically notified when new submissions have been uploaded.

See more on the Assignment Inbox here.