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Online Grading and Feedback

Adding Comments

You can use the blue GradeMark menu buttons on Turnitin submissions to add your feedback to student work.

It is possible to add commonly used phrases from a comment bank, free text embedded on to the submitted paper, as well as audio feedback and an overall summary if desired.

You will need to discuss which of these if any (or all) should be used for marking and moderation if the assessment requires multiple markers in order to maintain consistency for students.

Feedback options


QuickMark feedback icon

Click the QuickMarks button to view the stored library of reusable, commonly used feedback items.

You can drag these out onto the work you are marking to add general feedback comments.

QuickMarks menu
After adding a comment onto a paper, you can click on the blue comment you have dragged out, and click the Add Comment box to type in additional individual feedback.
Adding a quickMark comment

The Assign Criterion button allows you to also link the comment with an item in a rubric (if you have chosen to use one).

QuickMarks save automatically as they are added to a paper.

You can add new QuickMarks, or create your own libraries of QuickMark feedback items, and even export these libraries for other users to allow standardised feedback where appropriate.

See more on QuickMarks here.

Adding Annotations

You can add annotations directly onto any Turnitin paper simply by clicking on the document and selecting one of the icons that appear:

Text comments menu
  • Click on the tick icon to add a QuickMark
  • Click on the speech bubble icon to add a new comment
  • Click on the T icon to add free text feedback onto the page

By highlighting text on a submitted paper you can apply a QuickMark to the highlighted area, add a new comment to the selection, or use the strikethrough function to cross out any text on the page.

Text comments additional options
Highlighted comments

Adding Audio Feedback and Summary Notes

Audio Feedback

You can add your feedback as a voice recording by clicking on the blue Feedback Summary button, and clicking the round blue Record button.

Feedback summary button

Voice comments have a maximum duration of three minutes, and can be recorded from your office computer or laptop if it has a microphone built in. If your computer does not have a microphone connected, you can purchase a USB headset with a built in microphone to allow you to make this type of recording.

Feedback summary overview
Overall Feedback Text Comment

From the Feedback Summary panel, you can directly type in an overall comment for the paper up to a maximum of 5000 characters.

See more on voice comments here.

Using a Rubric

If you have set up a rubric, or grading table you can access this to assign overall feedback for the paper.

To do this, click on the Rubrics button to access the rubric that has been assigned to this assignment

Rubric button

Use the sliders to assign the grades for each section.

Click on the icon to the top right with the four arrows to see the full rubric table to record your feedback if you do not wish to use the sliders:

Rubric full screen button
Rubric overview

Adding a Grade - 0 to 19

To assign an overall grade to a submitted paper, type in the grade as a numerical value between 0-19 in the field to the right of the title:

Assigning a grade

Overall feedback comments should include the letter grade so that students can view this at a glance.