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Creating a Turnitin Rubric

Turnitin rubrics are an optional way of adding an online marking grid to your Turnitin assignment. They provide a quick way to add standardised feedback to students. If you are not planning on using a rubric, you can continue to the next page.

Rubrics are attached to your personal Turnitin account, and are managed through the Rubric Manager which is accessible when setting up an assignment.

If you have an existing rubric you would like to use with a Turnitin assignment, these must be manually converted to a Turnitin format. You can copy the text from your old Blackboard or Microsoft Word format rubric and paste it into the new Turnitin version.

Once created, you can share a rubric with other users by downloading it from the Rubric Manager, and emailing it to a recipient for them to import for later use when setting up their own assessments.

* You do not need to import a rubric in order to use one that has already been attached to an assignment.

Setting up a rubric

Navigate to the Turnitin assignment where you would like to add the rubric.

Access the assignment

Open the assignment and open the assignment Settings:

Access the assignment

Access the Optional Settings and click on the blue Launch Rubric Manager button

Click the launch rubric manager button

Click the Rubrics Options button at the top left of the screen, and choose Create new rubric:

Click the Options button
Choose Create new rubric

Choose the Scoring type. Although it is possible to use automatic scoring using points or percentages, it is recommended that you use a qualitative rubric - where standard feedback is provided but no scoring is added. This leaves flexibility in the overall grade that can be applied. Click on the 0 icon at the bottom of the page to set up the rubric with qualitative scoring:

Click the 0 icon to set up a qualitative rubric

Add a Name for the new rubric:

Enter a name for the rubric

Add a Scale to the top row of the table to rate the work against. Click the white plus icon to the right to add additional scales.

Add the grading scales

Add a heading for each criteria that you will be using in the left hand column of the table. Type or paste additional details underneath each criteria heading. Click on the while plus icon to add additional criteria.

Add the grading scales

Add the feedback you wish to use in the rubric by clicking on a blank cell in the table and type it in. If you already have a rubric created in Microsoft Word, you can copy the text from this and paste it directly into the cells.

Add the feedback for each criteria and grading scale

Click SAVE to save all of your changes, and then close the Rubric Manager.

Click Save
Watch the Video
Play Video

Return to Blackboard to apply the new rubric. This should appear on the dropdown list:

Click Save

* If the new rubric does not appear on the list, you must refresh the page. Be aware that as soon as a rubric is attached to an assignment and the first student has submitted a paper, you will no longer be able to edit that rubric. To alter a rubric that is in use, you must duplicate the existing version, make your changes and re-attach the new rubric before you add grades and feedback.

Exporting a rubric

To share a rubric with another user, access the Rubric Manager and select the rubric you wish to share. Then click on the Import / Export button at the top right of the screen and select Export:

Turnitin Settings

The file will automatically download to your computer. If you are using default settings, this will be saved to your Downloads folder. The file you have downloaded is now ready to be shared via email or OneDrive with another user to import into their own Turnitin account.

* Do not attempt to open the downloaded file. It is a proprietary format and is not designed to be opened on a computer!

Download to your Documents folder

Importing a rubric

To import a rubric from another user, access the Rubric Manager and click on the Import / Export button at the top right of the screen. Select Import:

Choose Import

Select the rubric file from where it was saved by browsing to it by clicking on the blue Select files button, or by dragging it into the white import box:

Browse to and upload the shared rubric

Once the rubric has successfully been added to your account, you will see a green tick icon next to the file you have added, along with an Import complete confirmation.

Import complete confirmation

Click the Back button to return to the Rubric Manager.

Click the Back button

You can now access the rubric from your Turnitin Rubric Manager, and are free to amend it or use it in any Turnitin assignment.

* When returning to Blackboard, you may need to refresh the page for the new rubric to appear in your rubrics list.